"Best Pop Album" at the SD Music Awards!

Wow! I'm honored to win "Best Pop Album" at this year's SD Music Awards. Truthfully, it's not really even about winning an award, it's about being recognized for putting in hard work alongside all of the other amazing nominees. My model for navigating this career choice/business has always been to focus on the music and creative side, to work my ass off 100% towards that which I am passionate about, to give back when I can, and to try to deal with relationships and business in the most honest and respectful way possible. Being recognized in any way big or small in that process is always so appreciated. I want to thank each of you friends and fans for following along on this journey, for supporting, for coming to shows and listening to recorded music, and for being engaged and amazing people- and really just for caring. I have some pretty lofty goals, and it means the world to me to have you guys to help motivate me towards those goals and to keep me afloat. Congrats to all the other winners and nominees. Happy heart!